Field Stories

A huge amount of information rarely exploited in a holistic way

At every crop cycle a huge amount of information is generated on each agricultural field: input application, soil characteristics, fuel consumption, farming and irrigation practices (just to name a few examples) are recorded on digital or paper-based systems, or increasingly accessible via satellite, drone imagery or on-field sensors.

This wealth of information can provide very valuable insights for growers, their advisors and consumers, but is rarely exploited in a holistic way because fragmentation makes it almost impossible to even know whether the data exists and where it is stored.

At the same time, consumer and regulatory pressure makes it increasingly necessary to be able to report how the crops were grown.

A combined catalogue of available content confidentiality and privacy protected

Varda's Field Stories™ is an attempt to respond to this need, by generating a ‘combined catalogue’ listing the available content for each field from multiple sources through the common Field ID and by allowing data consumers to connect with data sources and farmers through a search function.

In order to protect confidentiality and privacy of farmer data, the catalog only lists whether certain data is available, without the need to ingest it. Only when a data consumer is willing to acquire certain information, Varda will connect with the source.

Our goal is to make Farm & Field Data more easily discoverable to enable the sharing of information in a secure and mutually beneficial way.

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