Agricultural Input Manufacturers

Need to Constantly Develop Solutions

Agricultural input manufacturers need to constantly develop new and better products, solutions and services for farmers, in order to improve farming productivity.

At the same time, input manufacturers are under great pressure from governments and regulators to make input application as efficient as possible.

Understanding Granularly

Understanding with as much granularity as possible what is the profile of a farm (i.e., what its soils look like, what climate and crop types are being grown and how) is a vital piece of information to meet these mounting challenges.

Through their network of agronomists and distributors, input manufacturers have a privileged access to certain data points and have invested in proprietary digital platforms to support farmers in their operations.

Sharing this data and collaborating with competitors and partners for the benefit of the whole food system is one of the most difficult things to do.

Neutral Vehicle to Promote Collaboration and Data Sharing

Varda was founded with the intention to facilitate this process, acting as a neutral vehicle and promoting collaboration on data sharing across the food-value chain.


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